Your Feminist Gift Guide 2016

Your Feminist Gift Guide 2016

Christmas is typically my favorite time of the year. I love the weather, the markets, the lights that decorate my city, the gift-giving, the parties, the weeks of cheesy music, the food, the drinks...the love shared with family and friends.

But this year is unlike the others. When the unthinkable happened on November 8th, I lost so much joy. On Election Day, I literally felt joy leave my body. And based on my reading and social media posts from friends, millions of Babes For Hillary worldwide experienced a simultaneous, gut-wrenching loss that night. Some of us envisioned our affordable healthcare disappearing. Some of us feared that they would be the victim of a hate crime. Some wondered if their same sex marriage would still be considered legal. Some of us worried about our retirement savings. And on, and on. To put it mildly, the fear and uncertainty following the result of this year's election has put a bit of a damper on Christmas. 

My dear friend Monica and I discussed yesterday that this year's Christmas feels like such a distraction from the work we need to do. We are radicalized feminists goddamnit and our minds and money are needed in the right places now more than ever. We have things to write and organizing to do. But with this said, I have decided to un-cancel Christmas. 


The Ultimate Babes For Hillary Feminist Gift Guide of 2016


Support Feminist Media with A Year Subscription to Bust Magazine!

BUST is Ready For Hillary in it's OCT/NOV issue! Here is the magazine photographed at our final Babes For Hillary meet-up at Home/Made prior to the election. Photo by Kristen Blush.  

Give the gift that will keep on giving in 2017! BUST is an indie, bi-monthly feminist publication that needs our support. Our beloved Bust Magazine endorsed Hillary Clinton and publishes important political stories as well as other important feminist news, while celebrating woman and progress...this is not a typical magazine you guys. BUST is a treasure and we must subscribe in order to keep it around. Bust will ship to US and Canada.


Shrill: Notes From A Loud Woman by Lindy West
 $13.99 - 26.00 (Nook Book/Paperback/Hardcover)

Lindy West and me during her Shrill tour in Brooklyn. 

Lindy West and me during her Shrill tour in Brooklyn. 

I'm a huge fan of Lindy West. We worked together briefly in Seattle on the election night of Democrat Mike McGinn in 2009(?) (who is now Seattle's former Mayor) for the Stranger Newspaper. She was a staff writer and I was a contributing photographer in mostly the music realm of the paper. Now, I'm a total fangirl. Her book Shrill is the exact book that every feminist must read. Gifting this book to a Bernie Bro may also have a positive effect on them. When Lindy was on her book tour this year, I saw her read from it's pages in Brooklyn and got this beautiful polaroid with her. #Swoon

I can't gush enough about how incredibly wonderful Lindy is. SHE IS WONDERFUL! You may recognize her name from her writings in the New York Times, Guardian, Jezebel and the Stranger Newspaper, but another interesting thing about Lindy is that she started the Shout Your Abortion movement. This woman is a pioneer and you need to be well read for the battles that lie ahead.


Bitch, Please - Apparel and Art

New York City based offers stickers, pins, prints and t-shirts with their iconic Hillary art made for the election of 2016. 

A Women's Place Is In The Revolution T-Shirt by Free Range Momma

Babes For Hillary discovered Free Range Momma on Instagram, which led us to their Etsy page that is stocked with organic, handcrafted garments with a powerful message. I just ordered this "A Women's Place is in the Revolution" because as you all know Babes' battle cry is, "The Revolution Is Female."


Holster "Key Pouch" by Timbuk2
$49.00 (Use Code t2them to save 40%) 

I purchased this cross body and/or fanny pack (convertible!) to use during the Million Women March on January 21. I picked the black option and will be attaching some patches and political buttons. I have not photographed the bag yet, but am planning on doing so in the next couple of days, so will update with a photo. Click thru the link to view the item. What I love about Timbuk2 is that 1) they have a badass female CEO, 2) they support cycling and travel (or say you wanna go for a hike in Chappaqua, New York) and 3) they have durable bags that will survive the revolution.


Fishs Eddy - Political Mugs

A huge  Hillary Clinton 2016 mug  at Fishs Eddy because why not?

A huge Hillary Clinton 2016 mug at Fishs Eddy because why not?

When you shop at Fishs Eddy you are supporting a New York based business owned by hardcore Hillary supporters. Founded and owned by Julie Gaines and David Lenovitz. Julie and David used their voice to support Hillary during this year's election. They created a section of their store dedicated to politics and hosted a fundraiser in support of Hillary For America! They even went as far to create an anti-Trump window display.  


Alicia Keys New Album : HERE

Alicia Keys new album is incredible! She supported, and continues to support, Hillary this year. Alicia stopped wearing make-up on National television, a much needed body positivity message during this fourth wave of feminism in response to the 2016 election.


Feminist Fight Club by Jessica Bennett

Part manual, part manifesto, Feminist Fight Club gives hilarious career advice to a new generation of professional women. I haven't read it yet but it is on my reading list. They have AMAZING t-shirts in their online shop, too!

Female Collective Pussy Grabs Back t-shirt  by Feminist Fight Club. $32.00.

Female Collective Pussy Grabs Back t-shirt by Feminist Fight Club. $32.00.


Susan B. Anthony Museum & House Membership
Rochester, New York
Starting at $45.00

This membership is specific to people who live in the Rochester, New York area, however if you get creative, we wonder if there is a museum membership near you that would represent your feminist views? I personally haven't been to the Susan B. House but it is on my list for 2017. Perhaps a visit with all the Babes For Hillary would be doable. Please email me at if you would like to participate in this idea. 


Rape Whistle

Nothing says "Happy Holidays" like a rape whistle. Am I right? 


Coffee Table Book: HILLARY The Photographs of Diana Walker
List Price $40.00 (Other options available)

A self portrait of Walker with Hillary in the inside jacket of HILLARY.

A self portrait of Walker with Hillary in the inside jacket of HILLARY.

I purchased this book for myself when my sister and I visited the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC earlier this year, where her photography is on display. Diana Walker was Time Magazine's White House Photographer during the Regan, Bush, and Clinton Administrations and this book takes you on a journey with Hillary from First Lady to Secretary of State.


Babes For Hillary Gift Shop

I put some of my original Hillary photography to work at Babes For Hillary's gift shop! We also have limited offerings of our logo. These items are made in small batches and therefore limited. Prints are made to order but I do all of my printing at my home studio so can ship very quickly. Now thru Christmas you will get a free gift with your purchase!

Your purchases allow us to continue this blog. Thank you!


In lieu of presents, donations can be made to a very long list of reputable organizations that support feminism. We complied a list of some of our favorites:

Donate to America Civil Liberties Union
Donate to Planned Parenthood
Donate to Human Rights Campaign (HRC!)
Donate to Black Lives Matter
Donate to Dolores Huerta Foundation
Donate to Shout Your Abortion
Donate to National Girls Collaborative Project
Donate to Mom's Demand Action

Most of these organizations above have gift shops available online. Click thru our links above to find a "shop" tab. Here you can purchase t-shirts, stickers, mugs, etc. 





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