Why I March

Why I March

Babes For Hillary called upon our members to submit "Why I March" statements during December 2016, and early into January. We published one a day (two on January 20th to accommodate MLK day earlier in the month) from the first of the year onward to the 21st, via Instagram. Thank you for viewing! 

January 1st:
“I March because I know progress requires action and democracy requires participation. If not me, then who?” Tina D, NYC

January 2nd:
"I march for the women of the past, who fought for my rights. I march for the women of the present and future, who need me to continue the fight. Hillary Clinton taught me many things, among them to always do the most good, and to never stop believing that fighting for what's right is worth it. I march to keep fighting for her, for myself, for all women." Caileigh Scott, NYC

January 3rd:  
“I like Hillary Clinton's vision of the future. The one where we are good stewards of the planet, and good role models for children. I march for this.” Gretchen Baer, Bisbee, Arizona

January 4th:
“I march with my sheros. The women who have fought before us: Ida B. Wells, Lucretia Mott, Wilma Mankiller, Pauli Murray, Sophia Duleep Singh, Eleanor Roosevelt, Joan of Arc and many others.” ELLA F, 42, Brooklyn

January 5th:
"I'm honored to march on Washington to demonstrate that Donald is not my president. I'll be in my pussy hat, standing up for freedoms, equality, peace, environmentalism, and love -- showing the world that this is not OK." Shannon T, 37, NYC

January 6th:
“I march because my silence would mean my complicit support of this administration and activism, civil disobedience and protest has been a vehicle of social change since this country's birth.” Kory Gittens, Queens, New York

January 7th:
“I'm honoured to march in Washington DC with conscientious, inspiring women who work tirelessly for equal rights and social justice for women and the poor. We are strongest when we stand together. Even the smallest step moves us forward.” Suzie M,  NYC

January 8th:
“I march because I am filled with rage that we live in a world that discriminates against people for incomprehensible reasons.  #imstillwithher and I will be until I take my last breath!” Leisah Swenson, 48, Brooklyn, NY

January 9th:
“I march for my daughter, to show her that no matter how many times she gets knocked down to keep getting back up and to never stop fighting for what is right. I march to show her that love will always trump hate.” Elizabeth L, Marlboro, NJ

January 10th:
“I march for the women who paved the way for us and for those little girls and boys who shouldn't grow up feeling there are limits on what they can do and accomplish just because they aren't like the people who are expected to run things or change the world. I march because every one of our voices is crucial to the success of everyone as a whole and we must stand together to fight against injustice and inequality.” Debra R, San Francisco, CA

January 11th:
“I am resisting Donald Trump’s presidency because he is totally myopic. The Trump mindset celebrates negative behavior and attitudes. His supporters see ignorance as truth, hostility towards different cultures as security, and believe withholding civil rights is morality. We should not shape our nation with fear and resentment.” Kelly, 35, Seattle, WA

January 12th:
“I march because my mother used to march, and she's not around to do it anymore. So I have to take her place in the line.” David Avallone, 51, Los Angeles, CA

January 13th:
“I march for my mother, my grandmother, and every woman before me who was oppressed, marginalized and undervalued. Who had to be her husband's property. Who had to accept only a role of a nurse, secretary or teacher. Who were not allowed to play sports. Who always had to have dinner waiting. I march for the women who years ago marched for me to have access to birth control, abortions, and the right to vote. I march for my 7 year old niece Riley, who believes she can be anything, and I want to give her the chance to actualize those dreams. I march for myself, to be no longer silent about the sexism in my profession and the abuse I have suffered at the hands of men, in hopes to end the war on women. I march for Hillary, because she would march for me. I march for all women. Even the women who voted for Trump. Because they can not see the systematic hatred they have towards themselves and other women, perpetrated by the patriarchy. I march for all of us, to oppose a president who is a festering boil of the sickness of fear and bigotry in our society. I march to show the world our strength and our resolve to not stand for a leader who is unqualified, undignified, and inhumane.” Kindra Meyer, 38, NYC

January 14th:
“I march for women too timid to speak out. I march for women who do not believe we are oppressed. I march for the youngest among us so they may enjoy true equality. I march for every woman without a voice.” Rachael B. 33, Brooklyn, NYC

January 15th:
“I march to honor Hillary and will never stop fighting for what is right.” Kristen Blush, 35, NYC

“We march in unity when we share the same dream as our brothers and sisters...that all men and women are created equal. Happy Birthday to an extraordinary hero, Dr. Martin Luther King.” Babes For Hillary, U.S.A.

January 17th:
“I march for the Americans whose rights and dignity were dismissed in favor of the titillation of electing a bloviated cheeto as POTUS. I march against misogyny, bigotry, apathy, misinformation, and corruption. I march so that we will no longer be asked why feminism is still necessary—and in the hope that our opposition is as thunderous 6, 18, and 45 months from now.” Angelina D, 28, Brooklyn, NYC

January 18th:
“My Daughter should not grow up in a world with worse access to healthcare than I did.” Gwen, 35, Brooklyn, NYC

January 19th:
“I march because I cannot live in a world where cheating, lying, and hatred goes unopposed. I march because women's rights are human rights and human rights are women's rights. Lastly, I march because NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL.” Megan A, New York City

January 20:
“I march because I'm a strong, proud, gay woman. I march not only for all the amazing women in my life, but for everyone woman. I march because we women have to stick together. One woman can make a difference, but together we can run the world! The future is female.” Tasia R. Salem, Oregon

January 20:
“I march because our choices matter, our planet and children matter and women are people too! As Hillary said, we are stronger together! We have a responsibility to our Grandmothers, mothers, aunts, sisters and daughters to stand up and fight for equality.” Linda F, 48, Marion, Iowa

January 21:
I march because I'm still with HER. I march because he is not my President . I march because women's rights are human rights . I march because I believe in equality for all . I march to stand with women all over the world who oppose the current bigotry , misogyny, and hate he is spewing . I march to show that we are still her and we are not going anywhere.” Jen MacLeod, Ypsilanti, Michigan


Women's March January 21st, 2017

Women's March January 21st, 2017

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