Kristen Blush attends the Made For History New York Fashion Week Fundraiser with Chelsea Clinton and Demi Lovato.

Formerly known as Babes For Hillary*, the Hillary Clinton Brigade is a grassroots movement based in New York City. We passionately support Hillary Clinton and electing Democratic Women in 2018, 2020, and onward.

NYC Photographer, Kristen Blush, started Babes For Hillary in April 2016 following Hillary's New York Primary victory. Kristen was active on Instagram, and doing phone banking in Brooklyn & Manhattan, so started inviting people to a Chelsea neighborhood meet-up. The first meet up was successful, so she planned another. They would continue to join rallies, debate parties, and fundraisers together, as well as host their own events, all year. Kristen took pride in photographing the group's participation in 2016 and continues to photograph and blog about their ongoing activities in 2017. The group decided to change their name to Hillary Clinton Brigade in 2017.

*The name 'Babes For Hillary' came to be because there were "Babes For Bernie" & "Babes For Trump" Instagram feeds. Obviously, Hillary needed a feminist representation of this concept, so Kristen posted content that claimed "Babes" are not meant to objectify women. Commenters would ask, "where are the babes?" on a photo of an eighty year old man waving a Hillary sign. 


Below - HRC Brigade Map
We used our logo star to mark the cities from where HRC Brigade members have contributed to the blog, and/or support our cause. You may zoom in to have a closer look, and we update our map as our community grows.